Some more pictures Cambodia Trip

Did I little rescue mission last night that involved getting a very old SD card’s contents placed on a DVD thanks to Kodak, so here are some of the missing photos from the Cambodia trip.  And a personal experience of what happens with information and data on ageing technology. Have a look at the post on “haves and have nots” as it puts the pictures … Continue reading Some more pictures Cambodia Trip

Haves or have nots?

Library at Kuma Cambodia – no borrowing only reading onsite I’ve just spent 8 days in Cambodia on an extremely interesting services trip run by UWCSEA-East. During the time we were exposed to 5 of the Global Concerns that the school supports through its service program commencing in the infant school with Kuma Cambodia, Green Umbrella (grade 3), Epic Arts (grade 5) up to ISF (grade … Continue reading Haves or have nots?