No excuses: Syndetics

It must be an age thing - but as I'm getting further into my 50's I'm becoming less tolerant of fancy sounding reasons and explanations that are actually just excuses for staving off change. This is the first of a series of posts on things that really annoy me as an international librarian, with a … Continue reading No excuses: Syndetics


Frustrations of a librarian

And it's not the usual stuff about being poor misunderstood under-utilized bits of the school / community.  No, the frustration goes much much further.  It's about how information, knowledge, books, data, well just about anything is NOT being tagged and catalogued and made generally searchable, available. What prompted this?  Well my inbox. I subscribe to … Continue reading Frustrations of a librarian

Buying the future of research …

There's been quite a to-do on librarian sites recently about the acquisition of RefMe, an academic citation tool by Chegg, a purveyor of online textbooks and tutors (and more). Before you click past this, let's have a little look and think about this business model... The citation engine issue In the opinion of my peers … Continue reading Buying the future of research …

Whose history would you like to see?

FastCo had an interesting post yesterday about how you can download your browsing history on google (Twitter also lets you download your tweeting history) and how you could then see what marketeers and google knows about you.  I don't think that's nearly as interesting as the potential if you could see the browsing history of … Continue reading Whose history would you like to see?

Social Media for the professional – Twitter

I've been asked this question twice now in the last 2 days, both in a professional context.  The first was at the librarian workshare I attended at Bangkok, where so many people were saying they didn't get the point of twitter, and then last night by a friend who is an academic who has just … Continue reading Social Media for the professional – Twitter

Meanwhile back at my other blog…

For my current course ETL401 Introduction to Teacher Librarianship I'm required to keep a blog on WordPress in their "thinkspace".   After a couple of months of WordPress I must say I'm still not terribly good at it, nor convinced of its superiority (at least not for someone who isn't doing this professionally) but anyway, … Continue reading Meanwhile back at my other blog…

Module 5: OLJ assignment – Social media Marketing Strategy

Task Read Brown, AL. (2009). Developing an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy, in Salt Lake City Social Media Examiner (30 July), then  Examine Josh Bernoff & Charlene Li’s post Social Technographics: Conversationalists get onto the ladder (19 January, 2010). In particular explore the different behaviours of social networkers articulated in their ladder. Consider applying market analysis to analyse your market's (client base) … Continue reading Module 5: OLJ assignment – Social media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Frenzy (1)

I'm busy looking into various social media tools for International School Librarians for my next assignment.  And at the same time, I'm trying to resolve for myself what works and what doesn't to manage my own ever-increasing flow of information.  Over the next few posts I'll introduce each new tools I've found and give a … Continue reading Social Media Frenzy (1)

Library 2.0

ACTIVITY View this YouTube video called 'Building Academic Library 2.0'. This is part of a symposium sponsored by Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley Division in 2007. While this presentation is over one (1) hour in duration, there are a number of key points raised by a number of speakers, including the keynote speaker Meredith … Continue reading Library 2.0

Use of social bookmarking

I'm fairly new to social bookmarking, having only commenced using it during my Student Placement for my degree.  I'm currently using it at it's most primitive form, i.e just as a cloud based bookmark bar, although I have used the sharing function with the librarian. I think my use is similar to that of most people's use of … Continue reading Use of social bookmarking